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Some of you who had read my blog you were wondering why I am so crazy about New York. It all started in the summer of 2000 when during the vacation I broke my left knee and for 1 month I had it in gips. At that time I was 12 years old and because of my injury I was watching cartoons on fox kids, Spider-Man beeing for me the impulse for skyscrpers. The feeling of love for skyscrpares stared when the action in this cartoon was taking place in the night time. Seeing this great towers with all the lights switched on left me amazed. Of course it was only a cartoon, but it started. I soon began to search for more information about New York and discovered how big it was. The City is composed of 5 boroughs : Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. Every borough has it’s personality, but for me Manhattan it’s the most interesting. I started to get more information of this island and it’s development during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Making an image of some of the skyscrpers I felt like I can try to draw some of them and so I made a personal drawing of the Twins, but in black version and not 110 floors like it was really the WTC, only 80 floors. After I made the first drawing I started to think where to place this twins and it hit me, in my neighbourhood in the city that I live, Constanta. Of course it was just a dream and even now we don’t have a tall building in my city, but for me at that age everything was possible. Because the impulse was from the World Trade Center site I continued with this, trying to make a personal design. When you are looking at my drawing it looks like a normal photo and I was thinking why not to make a satellite view, showing the streets and how were they located. When I made the streets also in my mind was my neighbourhood. Now having an ideea of the development I continued with the drawings.



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