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Hello guys, this is my first blog and I will start to write in it about one of my dreams, that finally this year came true. Since I was 10-11 years old I started to develope some interes in skyscrapers and I really fall in love with New York, especially Manhattan.  This year, due to my job, seaman, I was in the city that never sleeps and I finally got a taste of my childhood dream…. and what a taste it was. Because the ship was going alongside in Bayonne at Global Terminal I had to take a light rail train which is very interesting, final stop for me beeing Exchange Place in Jersey City. I walked to the seaside and saw the view of Lower Manhattan with Freedom Tower u/c it was for me the first taste. After I saw the view, I took the subway at PATH Station to WTC under the Hudson river. When I came out of the WTC station and I look on my beck left side I saw the WTC 1 u/c. I walked around the wtc site for about 20 minutes, trying to make an image of the Twins where they were. I took the subway from Church str. in front of the Millenium Hotel and went straight to 34 st station, to get on top the Empire State Building.

First look of  ESB was great, I felt like a little child when gets presents from his parents. I knew where to go, on 102nd floor to get the view of my beloved skyscrapers. The trip in ESB before getting to 102nd floor was very interesting, I didn’t knew about it and I tried to get as much as possible from this. When I arrived on top and saw the views, I really felt excited. The day for me was good, the sky was shining and the view perfect. First view was the Financial District, after that I went on the N side to see the skyscrapers of my dreams : Chrysler Center Building, Rockefeller Center,UN Headquarter, Times Square Towers, Bank of America Tower, New York Times Building, Citicorp, MetLife…. actually the whole view of Midtown. If you buy a ticket to the 102nd floor you can go also to the 86th floor observation deck which gives you an open view and also very interesting.

After the views from ESB I walked on Broadway to get at Times Square. When I got there it was like in a fairy-tale. In that day, 6th of June, Broadway was closed for traffic, it was some kind of a festival : Food and Music Festival. The experience was great and definitely only in New York you can take a part of this.

After Times Square I went to Rockefeller Center and on Park Avenue to get to Chrsyler Center and Grand Central. When I saw Chrysler from the street level it was also a great feeling for me, because actually this is my favorite skyscraper!!

I spent only 10 hours in the city of my dreams and I still have a lot of places to see, but in the future I will try to go on holiday there.

Now I will show you pictures and videos that I made. Enjoy!!


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